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Web Project Management Consultants

Web Creative Services

Hird and Kostner are web project management consultants whose web creative services include search engine optimization and internet marketing solutions for businesses. Based in the United States, we are among the top SEO companies.

The best strategic plan for each client is distilled from a personalized, six-step process. Each project assignment is unique. Success involves diligent research using current web-based development tools.

Staying current with changing trends and new technologies is crucial to direct targeted traffic to a website. The fast-paced, internet marketing and advertising industry aims towards a very specific audience.

A diverse range of specialized web services complement each website. A concept is converted into a wireframe template, designed, developed, and built SEO friendly. After completion and launch, routine web analytics track web usage and collect data. To keep the site free of errors, the webmaster performs scheduled maintenance. On-going SEO increases website visibility and ensures greater success.

Creative services combine the various website components into an interconnected whole. The Corporate Identity defines the graphics, logo, colors, text, font, and mission of the company. This identity is reflected in the primary visual components of the website build.

With attention to the details and expertise with web project management tools, our clients receive the best in organic search results for their websites. The secret to a successful website that drives traffic and generates leads into sales is an established and on-going routine for SEO and Internet Marketing.

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H and K Web Project Management Consultants is a web project development, creative services, web services, and website marketing business
providing premier customized services to small and large businesses in the United States.
745 North 1550 Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66049, Phone 785.727.1948
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